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Dee Jhons Media Productions is an energetic team of creative production professionals. We may be based in Lahore, Pakistan but we have 20 years of coast-to-coast experience. WE ARE MEDIA PRODUCTIONS, a production company born with an instinct to discover, capture and tell your story.

A production script is a word document that outlines and describes your video project. In other words, it helps establish the purpose and process of your upcoming video even your any kind of desgin as well. For a more official definition, Wikipedia describes script writing as a document that outlines every aural, visual, behavioral, and lingual element required to tell a story. Planning and preparing for a production project is a lot more work than many realize. This is why an effective script that outlines your project will inevitably help you produce a quality video. In order to understand this process a little further, I’ve broken script writing down into two elements

The Benefits of Script Writing for Video Production.

As aforementioned, your production script is essentially the blueprint of your video. Planning ahead reassures your ability to get your vision across in an effective manner. Aside from a thorough strategy, a professional script writer also makes sure the cast feels and acts out the script instead of just reading their lines. They have a keen ability to communicate with the cast and understand how certain viewpoints and angles improve audience perception. Having solid leadership that ensures cohesion and eliminates excuses or error on production day. A strong process will enable leadership to be more direct and critical throughout filming. The main benefit of a good script writer, is that they’re able to guide you through the process while paying attention to the fine details that can inevitably distract viewers from the video’s purpose. Here are some additional benefits of hiring someone to write your production script.

  1. Strategic Writing. Hopefully this blog has helped you understand the amount of strategic detail that goes into video production. When media is speaking to a specific audience or relaying a certain brand, this is essential. Not only is a story needed, but it needs to tie into the brand or audience’s values. Most script writers have advertising and marketing experience, so this comes natural to them and they’re able to communicate in a number of ways effectively. Let’s remember that a script isn’t written to be read, it’s written to be performed.
  2. Less Time Filming. As most projects, improved planning creates a better process. This is even more true in the production realm. Preparing contingencies for weather help avoid setbacks while a thorough projection establishes cohesion. A script writer understands all of the things that can go wrong as well as every scenario that needs to be planned for. Quality production creates a seamless process with less stress and more action throughout filming day. This gives the business owner more time to focus on other aspects of the company that require their attention.
  3. Creative Outcome. Experienced copywriters tend to have a knack for telling good stories. After all, this is their profession. Hiring someone to write your script not only saves you time, but creates a peace of mind that everything is under control. An understanding of the process increases one’s ability to be more creative and produce something that’s more than likely to catch they eye and resonate with consumers.
  4. Less Money Spent. When filming a video, you not only have to consider the time it takes, but the amount of money you pay everyone involved. Investing a little more on the front end to establish an outline projection sets the parameters of the project and ensures you don’t go over them.
  5. More Money Earned. This is border line common sense. A professional production script will allow you to develop and promote a higher quality video with a more substantial message. The better your storyline resonates, the more trust you generate towards your brand. Entertaining users creates a sense of intrigue that leads to store visits and potential loyalty.
  6. Production Satisfaction. Not only will a written script improve the video quality, but it creates a positive experience for everyone involved. A poorly planned video project can create a lot of stress or frustration quickly. Taking the time to ensure everyone is on the same page and everything is mapped out relays a sense of professionalism that’s appreciated. Not only will participants look forward to working with you again, but they’ll respect the amount of preparation you placed in the project so they could experience a peace of mind.







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