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FM 106.2



Launched in the late nineties it is private radio station including different entertaining and informative segments Morning show, Hum se Farmaish , Matinee Show, Melody Time 106.2 and rat k rahi are the famous program which are responsible of inceasing listenership of FM 106.2

Station Tariff/Min in USD Tariff/Min in Pkr
Network $76.43 12,000 Pkr
KLIPS $63.69 10,000 Pkr
KLI $50.96 8,000 Pkr
Punjab only (LIK) $50.96 8,000 Pkr
Sindh only (KSML) $54.14 8,500 Pkr
Karachi $31.85 5,000 Pkr
Lahore $26.11 4,100 Pkr
Islamabad $20.7 3,250 Pkr
Peshawar $16.56 2,600 Pkr
Sukkur $14.01 2,200 Pkr
Khanewal $16.56 2,600 Pkr
Larkana $12.1 1,900 Pkr
Mirpurkhas $12.1 1,900 Pkr



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Radio is a high reaching and cost-effective addition to any advertising campaign formula. It is also considered one of the noisiest mediums, which is why creative execution is key. Our detailed audience and market reports identifies where your customers are spending time with radio, right down to the minute. Low production costs and measurable metrics make advertising in radio a cost effective option with massive potential reach. Our existing relationship with all major national broadcasters means we can access the highest rating programs, at the best pricing to ensure maximum coverage and campaign reach..

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